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Flamed Barrels Above

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Custom Bats are Our Specialty:
Just send us your favorite bat and we will make an exact copy of it.
(NO SET-UP FEES) Save your broken bats
Broken bats will work as patterns as long as they are complete, still in 1 piece and not broken too badly.
If we send you a UPS label the cost to ship us your broken or unbroken, favorite bat would be $15.
If you don't have UPS pickup at your location, you would have to drop off at a UPS drop off point.

Finished bats include our secret finish and hardening process that makes ash
as hard as maple and maple even harder.

wood bat color selections


Above bats still have the ends on them. If you have some woodworking tools,
and you want to finish the bats yourself, this is the way to go.
You will save $24 per bat, but you will have to stain and finish them yourself,
and cut the ends off. We can provide our decal for the trademark for $2.

Maple flamed barrel

Here are a few of our Bat Models Below

All models are available in Ash, Birch and Hard Maple.
Most bat styles are available up to 36" long. *Hickory or *Red Oak may not be available all the time.
Handlediameter is measured at the thinnest point. Barrel diameter is measured at the thickest point.



Model 271 - Shown in Ash with orange stained barrel and handle  Weight rating: MEDIUM ENDLOADED
This traditional model 271 is probably the most popular bat in use today. 2.5" tapered barrel, 15/16" handle with 1-7/8" diameter knob.

Model C271 - Shown in Ash with orange stained barrel and black stained handle  Weight rating: BALANCED
The model C271 has the standard 271 handle and knob with a smaller 2.4" tapered barrel. This allows us to use a dense billet to make
-3 weights.



Model BR271 - Shown in Ash with red stained barrel and natural handle.   Weight rating: MEDIUM ENDLOADED

The model BR271 has a 271 handle and knob with a Babe Ruth barrel. 2.5" long barrel, 15/16" handle with 1-15/16" diameter knob.
Great design for the player who likes to use long bats.

Model 271BB (BIG BARREL) - Shown in Ash with flamed barrel and natural handle   Weight rating: END LOADED

Our model 271BB is has the same handle and knob as the traditional 271 but has a max 2.61" barrel and a longer hitting
surface with less taper. If you like an end loaded bat with extreme pop and a flared handle then this is the bat for you.
15/16" handle with 1-7/8" diameter knob. Because of the large barrell diameter, this bat style is only available
as a -0 weight drop or heavier.

Model A71 - Shown in Hard Maple with natural handle and barrel     Weight rating: MEDIUM ENDLOADED
This model is similar to the traditional Model 271 but has a thicker handle.  It features a balanced feel with a 1" thick
handle and 2-1/2"barrel. For the player who has large hands or just likes a thicker handle.

Model BB25 - Shown in Red Oak with natural barrel and black stained handle Weight rating: MEDIUM ENDLOADED
The model BB25 was designed and made famous by Barry Bonds. It has the huge 2.5" mushroom knob with 2.5" diameter
barrel and 1" handle. Barry gripped up 2" but some guys don't. Because of the large barrell diameter, this bat style is
only available as a -0 weight drop or heavier.

Model 100 - Shown in Ash with flamed barrel  and natural handle    Weight rating: ENDLOADED
This end loaded bat has the largest legal diameter barrel available at (2.61”) at its widest point. It has a roughly 5 ”
hitting surface before quickly transitioning down to a thin (15/16”) handle at its narrowest point. This bat is very top heavy,
yet balanced, and is best suited for the experienced power hitter who likes to wrap their bottom finger around the knob
which is only (1.8") diameter. Because of the large barrell diameter, this bat style is only available as a -0 weight drop or heavier.

Model AP5 - Shown in Ash with natural barrel and handle    Weight rating: MEDIUM ENDLOADED
This is the bat style that Albert Pujols used. It is a combination of a 243 knob with a 271 flared handle, similar to a 110
with a long hitting surface. Because of the barrel design, relatively lightweight billets will need to be used for drop 3's.

Model 243 - Shown in Ash with natural handle and flamed barrel     Weight rating: MEDIUM ENDLOADED

This traditional model 243 is probably the 2nd most popular bat in use today. 2.5" barrel, 15/16" handle with 1-7/8" diameter knob.

Model 243SB (SMALL BARREL) - Shown in Ash with natural handle, black stripe and gray stained barrel    Weight rating: BALANCED

Same 243 knob and handle but with a smaller 2.4" diameter barrel. Allows us to use a denser billet to make -3 weights.


Model 243BB (BIG BARREL)
-Shown in Hard Maple with gray stained handle, natural stripe and black barrel   Weight rating: ENDLOADED
Our model 243BB is just like the model 243 but with a maximum sized 2.60" big barrel. If you like an end loaded bat with extreme pop
and a 243 handle then this is the bat for you. 15/16" handle with 1-7/8" diameter knob. Because of the large barrell diameter, this bat
style is only available as a -0 weight drop or heavier.

Model B455 - Shown in Maple with Natural finish barrel and handle     Weight rating: BALANCED

The long taper on the barrel allows for a dense billet to be used and still keep the overall weight of the bat relatively light. 
It features a balanced feel with a 15/16" handle and 2.5" barrell.


Model A10 - Shown in Ash with DW stained barrel and natural handle with black stained stripe   Weight rating: BALANCED

Our model A10 is designed off of the popular model 110 but with a thicker 1" handle. This is one of the best transition bats
from metal to wood. It is also a great bat for the seasoned hitter who is looking for balance and durability.
The barrel is a medium length and (2 ½”) diameter with a good hitting surface area. If you have large hands,
but are not particulaly strong, you should like this bat.

Model JM68 Knobless - Shown in Maple with natural handle and barrel
    Weight rating: MEDIUM ENDLOADED

Our model JM68 is a knobless bat closely copied from the bat design used by Jeff McNeil of the Mets. Roberto Clemente
also used a bat similar to this. This bat helps take the pressure off the hamate bone in much the same manner as an axe handle
bat and without the knob restricting your swing, you should be able to generate significant more bat speed. I know I do.



Model TS31 - Shown in Maple with black handle and natural barrel with our new trademark design  Weight rating: ENDLOADED

Super thin handle (.92") all the way to the knob. If you like thin handled bats, this is the one for you.

Model Babe Ruth Style - Shown in Ash with vintage stained handle and barrel    Weight rating: ENDLOADED

Our Babe Ruth style bat is a very close replica of his actual bat, which was 36" long. 2" knob, 1" diameter handle and 2-1/2"
diameter barrel. Because of the large barrell diameter, this bat style is only available as a -0 weight drop or heavier.

JP23 Hockey Puck Knob Style - Shown in Ash


Youth Bats - Shown in Ash with gray stained barrel with natural stripe and gray stained barrel   Weight rating: BALANCED
Our youth bats are various models, lengths and weights designed for smaller hands and younger players.
Lengths from 24" to 30" and weights from -7 to -1.

Weighted Training Bats - $75 each including shipping 32", 33" or 34"lengths

Finished Bat Pricing (ready to use game bats):

Prime = Best grade, Pro Stock
Select = 2nd best grade, one level below Prime
Natural Finished Bats with no stain
Includes our secret hardening process with Arm-R-Seal Polyurethane Gloss Barrel and Flat Finish "SureGrip" Handle
Ash Prime (Ready to use Game Bats with natural finish)   = $89 each plus shipping
Birch Prime (Ready to use Game Bats with natural finish) = $99 each plus shipping
Birch Select (Ready to use Game Bats with natural finish) = $89 each plus shipping
Maple Prime (Ready to use Game Bats with natural finish) = $99 each plus shipping
Maple Select (Ready to use Game Bats with natural finish) = $89 each plus shipping
Fungo Bats (Ash)    = $79 each plus shipping
(Add $5 per bat for single color stain on barrel or handle or both)
(Add $10 per bat for multi-color stains and/or stripes)
(Add $10 per bat for flaming barrel on ash bats)
(Add $10 per bat for a custom name on the barrel)
(Add $5 per bat for full cup on end)
Shipping cost = $17 for 1 bat, $23 for 2 or 3 bats, $28 for 4 or 5 bats, multiples of 5 is most economical
Quantity Discounts !! Contact us for a quote. 419-684-5275 ask for Bob,    email:   bob@Door.cc

Un-Finished Bat Pricing with ends left on:
(For those who want to sand, stain and finish your own bats and apply your own trademarks):
(You don't have to have a lathe, but it makes it much easier)

Prime = Best grade, Pro Stock
Select = 2nd best grade, one level below Prime
Un-Finished Bats
Ash Prime (Un-finished Game Bats)   = $69 each plus shipping
Maple Prime (Un-finished Game Bats) = $79 each plus shipping
Maple Select (Un-finished Game Bats) = $69 each plus shipping
Birch Prime = (Un-finished Game Bats) = $79 each plus shipping
Birch Select= (Un-finished Game Bats) = $69 each plus shipping
Shipping cost = $17 for 1, $23 for 2, $28 for 3 or 4, multiples of 4 is most economical
Quantity Discounts !! Contact us for a quote. 419-684-5275 ask for Bob,    email:   bob@Door.cc


Billet Pricing (for those who want to turn their own bats):

Prime = Best grade, Pro Stock
Select = 2nd best grade, one level below Prime
Billets Only
Ash Prime (80 to 99 ounces) (Billets Only)  = $59 each plus shipping
Birch Prime (90 to 99 ounces) (Billets Only) = $59 each plus shipping
Birch Select (90 to 99 ounces) (Billets Only) = $49 each plus shipping
Maple Prime (90 to 99 ounces) (Billets Only) = $59 each plus shipping
Maple Select (90 to 99 ounces) (Billets Only) = $49 each plus shipping
Maple Prime (84 to 92 ounces (Billets Only) = $65 each plus shipping
Maple Select (84 to 92 ounces (Billets Only) = $55 each plus shipping
Hickory Economy (mixed weights) (Billets Only) = $25 each plus shipping
Hickory Prime 100+ ounces (Billets Only) = $45 each plus shipping
Hickory Prime 90-99 ounces (Billets Only) = $55 each plus shipping (out of stock)
Hickory Select 100+ ounces (Billets Only) = $37 each plus shipping
Hickory Select 90-99 ounces (Billets Only) = $50 each plus shipping (out of stock)
Poplar Clear (Trophy Billets Only) = $29 each plus shipping (quantity discounts)

Shipping cost = $17 for 1 billet, $28 for 2, 3 or 4 billets, multiples of 4 is most economical

Call 419-684 -5275 ask for Bob,    email:   bob@Door.cc

Knob and Handle diameters as follows:


Come to our facility and try out any bat on our state of the
art pitching machine before buying it

       Our state of the art pitching machine has been in place since 2005. There is a video of a real pitcher winding up
and throwing as the ball simaltaneously appears through a hole in the screen just at the proper time. This is a realistic as it gets.
We use rubber balls and bat sleeves so the bats don't break or get damaged while you are trying them out.
       If the weather is nice you can even hit on our full size field which has the same dimensions as Old Tiger Stadium.
Follow this link for directions to our facility.   http://www.homesteadhardwoods.com/map.html

                 Aerial view of  Grays Field and Bat Shop

                     Aerial view of  Grays Field at night


Bat Weights
We weigh and mark the bat weight and the original billet weight on the barrel end of the bat. Billet weights will range
from 85 ounces to 100 ounces. The higher the number, the denser the wood is. So if you have a bat that has 30/92
marked on the barrel end, that would mean that the weight of the bat, right after turning, is 30 ounces and the weight
of the billet that was used to make the bat was 92 ounces. This would be a pretty dense piece of lumber. Billet weights
under 85 ounces are not allowed in the pros, because they would be very prone to breakage. Where you store your finished bat,
could also affect its current weight by + or - of up to 2 ounces of variance. So if your 30 ounce bat weighs 29 ounces after a month
of use, you are probably leaving the bat in the trunk of your car where the temperatures can be very warm and dry.
If your 30 ounce bat now weighs 32 ounces, you are probably experiencing very humid weather conditions or you added a grip
to your handle or both. Something to keep in mind, if you want a big barrel but also a -3 bat weight, a lighter weight billet will have
to be used to make it. Whereas, if you don't mind a little smaller barrel, you can get a much denser bat and still have a  -3.


Balanced Bats

  A balanced bat means that the weight of the bat is spread out more evenly over the entire
length of the bat, as opposed to being end loaded where a larger % of the weight is in the barrel.

  The upside of using a balanced bat is that you will have more bat control and will be able to
"check you swing" more easily and should be able to generate more bat speed.

End Loaded Bats

  An end loaded bat means just that, a larger percentage of the overall bat weight is on the barrel end.
The down-side of using an end loaded bat is that you will have less bat control to "check your swing".
The up-side is that you will get significantly more "pop" at the point of contact on the sweet spot,
providing your bat speed does not drop off too much because of the extra weight.


Knobless Bats

Robert Clemente's knobless bat above. If you are one of those guys who is never quite comfortable with a knob,
try this knobless style bat. It will free up your swing immensely and should increase your bat speed substantially.
It will also eliminate hamate bone injuries and that nagging blister you get from the knob.

Once you go KNOBLESS you may never go back to a traditional knobbed bat again.



Interesting baseball video clips

Slow motion video of a major league baseball hitting a wood bat at 180mph


Wiffle ball pitcher striking out a Major League Baseball Player:



Heavy Bats

Here is a list of players from the past that used heavy bats during their careers:

Babe Ruth :  36" x 42 oz                                    Joe Jackson: 34.5" x 40 oz         
Mo Vaughn: 36" x 36 oz                                    Ty Cobb: 34.5" x 38 oz
Lou Gehrig: 36" x 41oz                                      Ruben Sierra: 34.5" x 36 oz
Honus Wagner: 33" x 38 oz                               Roberto Clemente: 35" x 36 oz
Alfonso Soriano: 35" x 36 oz                             Frank Howard: 37" x 35 oz
Julio Franco: 35" x 36 oz                                   Bobby Bonds: 35" x 37 oz
Dick Allen: 36" x 40 oz                                     Joe DiMaggio: 35" x 42 oz

These players figured out on their own that a heavy bat would give them extra distance and power.
This was confirmed scientifically in 1991 by engineers Terry Bahill and William Karnavas who developed
the "Bat Chooser". Laser beams were used to measure bat speed and players were given 8 succeedingly heavier bats to swing.
The idea was to find the players optimum bat weight where his bat speed did not drop enough to effect the extra power obtained
by using a heavier bat. They found that on average, 40 oz was the optimum bat weight for a Major League player.

Bat weight vs Bat speed vs Bat control
by Tom Berrywinkle
The average bat used in the Majors today is 34" long and weighs 32 oz.
So why don't todays players use heavier bats?

The main reason todays players prefer lightweight bats is probably because they grew up using lightweight aluminum bats.
That is what they are used to. More bat control and ease of checking your swing is an advantage of using a lighter bat,
but I believe that Major League power hitters are not be reaching their full potential because they are afraid to
use a heavier bat.
I guess if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Bat weight vs Swing weight and Long Bats
by Tom Berrywinkle
A 32 oz end loaded bat will swing "heavier" than a 32 oz small barrelled bat because the center of gravity is farther away
from the handle on the end loaded bat. With all things being equal, you will be able to hit the ball harder "farther" with an end
loaded bat. In other words, if you can swing the end loaded bat at the same bat speed as the small barrelled bat, the ball will
come off the end loaded bat at a higher mph which directly correlates to more distance if hit at the proper trajectory.

Did you know that the bat speed of a 36" bat is about 4 mph faster than the bat speed of a 32" bat when swung at the same
speed (as measured at the sweet spot). So, don't  be afraid to experiment. On days when you are feeling exceptionally strong,
go ahead and try a longer bat and see what happens.

For those of you who don't like to grip up, I have found that the swing weight of a 33" x 37oz is about the same as the swing weight
of a 34" x 35.5oz, which is about the same as the swing weight of a 35" x 34oz, which is about the same as the swing weight of a 36"
x 32.5oz. In other words, if the bat style you use is the same for each suceeding length, and you grip each bat at the same place on the
handle, you would need to subtract 1.5oz of weight off the bat for each inch of length that is added to get approximately the same swing
weight. If you don't mind gripping up, you can adjust the swing weight of any bat, simply by gripping up higher or lower on the same bat,
which is what Pete Rose did. Most ball players already know this, especially the old-timers.

Pete Rose on plate adjustments and grip adjustments
He used 35"- 36" , 32-33 ounce bats



How these Hall of Famers developed powerful bat momentum with heavy bats
Babe Ruth, Dick Allen
(not inducted yet), Hank Aaron, Ted Williams, Barry Bonds
(not inducted yet)

Bat Barrel Tipping is the hitting method used by most MLB superstars



Dick Allen interview on how he came to use giant bats

MLB 2011 Maple bat restrictions has changed bat design
In 2011, MLB banned the use of any maple bat that wasn't made from an 85 oz. or greater billet.
They did this because big barrel thin handle bats were blowing up and splintering because they required light weight billets to make them.  
The lighter the billet weight the less dense the wood is. Most MLB maple bats today are made from 87/88 oz billets to achieve the weight
ratio to make the largest size barrel MLB approves.  Smart players go with slightly smaller barrel's with longer tapers using 90-92 oz billets
because they are more dense and stats have proven balls are driven further and faster using these types of bats so bat maker's spent a lot of
time developing model's in this range.  
There are no billet weight restriction's (other than barrel size)  on Ash, because it doesn't splinter and
blow up like Maple.
However, the same rule applies, the heavier the billet, the denser the bat. So don't expect any bat made from billets that
are lighter than 85 ounces, to last very long.

Proper bat grip for maximum bat speed
by Don Mattingly



What happens to a baseball when it hits a steel plate at over 1000 miles per hour ?


Worlds longest homerun



Bryce Harpers 36" x 47 ounce practice bat


Ty Cobb, Honus Wagner and Joe Jackson Replica Bats -
interesting and humorous article


How to hit the high fastball



Increase your bat speed quickly by training with a heavy bat

Resistance training, per se, did not improve bat velocity, but the combination of resistance
training and swinging a heavy bat did improve bat
swing velocity.


Will, from Baseball Bat Bros, swinging Monster Wood Bats:
See Will Taylor, from Baseball Bat Bros, swing a Babe Ruth model, 35"/40ounce
and a Shoeless Joe Jackson model,
36"/38ounce wood bat.


How subtle changes in your bat grip and bat style can result in
better swing paths and huge payoffs:
by Tom Berrywinkle
Subtle changes to an otherwise mechanically sound swing can result in huge payoffs. I believe that there is no "proper"
method of gripping the bat.
Some players line up their middle knuckles, some rotate their grip more towards their fighting knuckles
and a few may even separate their hands slightly. Some players grip the bat tightly and others grip it loosely while waiting for the pitch.
Some players grip up and some wrap their pinky over the knob. From Bonds mushroom knob to Clemente's knobless, wood bat styles
can vary greatly and each style could change your swing path for better or worse. Bat length, bat swing weight and bat handle diameter,
can also make a huge difference. Moral of the story: if you are struggling at the plate and continue to do the same things
over and over, don't expect different results. I am not talking about major flaws in your swing, I am talking about very subtle changes to
an otherwise mechanically sound swing.
A fraction of an inch at contact, is all it takes to change a pop-up into a line drive.

Tips for hitting with 2 strikes by Tom Berrywinkle
-Move a little closer to the plate----Minimize head and eye movement----Hands closer to your ear and closer to the pitcher----
Think outside, react inside----Don't reach back with hands for more power, just go straight to the ball----exhale slowly to slow
the game down----Don't try to do too much----Don't leave it up to the umpire----And remember that you don't have to have 2 strikes
to use this approach.

Things to look for when the pitcher is tipping his pitches by Alex Rodriquez


Maintenance Free Pitchers Mound for under $200 in materials and a couple
hours of labor.
(Will save you dozens of hours of work over the course of a season and your pitchers will love it )

Groundskeepers will tell you that the hardest and most time consuming part of taking care of a
baseball field is taking care of the pitchers mound. How would you like to learn how to build an
almost completely maintenance free pitchers mound that looks and feels like a regular clay mound,
but without all of the backbreaking maintenance. Sound too good to be true ? You won't believe how
easy this is. To get my time tested groundskeeping secret, all you have to do is order 2 wood bats
from us, and I will send you complete instructions.


Why bat barrel diameter is not that important:
As you can see from the diagram below, the area of the bat where you need to hit the ball for hard contact, is exactly the same for a maximum
diameter bat as it is for a smaller diameter bat.
This is why Joe Jackson had no problem posting a lifetime .356 batting average with his 2-3/8"
diameter barrel, Black Betsy bat and Babe Ruth hit 714 lifetime homeruns with 2-1/2" diameter bats during his career.


The only thing a max barrel bat does for you, is it may turn a few more swing and misses into foul tips over the course of your career 
(most of which will be foul tip strike outs anyway). The flip side of that though, is you will pop out more. So it would be a wash.


How to fix a broken bat:
Many wood bats can be repaired, as long as the break is not too bad. If repaired properly, they can be just as strong or stronger than the
original bat. They are great for use in batting practice and are actually strong enough for game use. However, technically, they would be
illegal to use in a games.

Step 1: Using a flat head screwdriver or small chisel, carefully pry the wood apart as much as possible without breaking it.
If the bat has a grip and the break runs under it, you will need to remove it.
Step 2: Replace the chisel with a small piece of wood (a broken pencil works well).
Step 3: Now squeeze wood glue onto both surfaces (I use Tighbond 3). Let gravity take the glue as far down the barrel as possible.
A little compressed air will also help this process or you can blow on it to help push the glue as far down as possible.
Make sure the glue is covering all of the newly exposed surfaces of the break. Also a good idea to mark where you will
be drilling for the screws before gluing.
1          2         3


Step 4: Using small pipe clamps, start the clamping process. Space the clamps approx 1" apart. Keep any excess glue wiped off
with a rag as you go. Use a cordless drill with hex head bit to tighten clamps. Allow to dry overnight before removing the clamps.
Step 5: Then drill pilot holes for 3/4" to 1" long drywall screws approx 1.25" apart over the whole length of the break using a drill bit
that is slightly smaller diameter than the drywall screws. Countersink is also needed so screws heads will be flush with surface of bat.

4             4       5


Step 6:: Install 3/4" to 1" long drywall screws, approx 1.25" apart, as many as needed over the entire length of the break,
using cordless screwdriver.
If screw points go through the bat, just file them off flush with a metal file.

Step 7: Install thick piece of tape over screw heads. This will help hide the screw head indentations.
Step 8:Then spiral wrap with black electrical tape. DONE

6     7     8



How to lessen the chance of breaking your high quality wood game bat:

Do’s and Dont’s to lessen chance of breakage:

  • Do not use in batting practice except for soft toss and T work.
  • Do not hit weighted balls of any kind
  • If you feel you must use in BP, use rubber balls with a little bounce.
  • Do not store bats in the sun in the trunk of your car for more than a couple of hours at a time.
  • Do not store your bats in a heated room during the winter heating season
  • Do not pound the knob of the bat onto the ground or hard surface to get the donut off.
  • Do store your bats in a place that is a little humid, such as garage, un-heated basement or breezeway
  • Do get a couple of “beater” bats to use in batting practice
  • Do keep your bat if you break it. It may be fixable and will become your beater bat. (see instructions above on how to fix it.)








Just got the bat and it is beautiful and the design is absolutly perfect. I couldnt be happier with the knob and everything.
I will be getting my bats from you for now on for sure. Thanks again for everything. 



Good evening Bob,
I received my new bat today that you remade for me and you went beyond my expectations. It feels and looks
exactly like my old bat and I can’t wait to swing it. I’m sure once the guys see my bat they’ll be contacting you to make their own custom bat.
Thank you Bob for bringing my bat back to life.
Thanks again, Mike

I received the bats today. They look and feel awesome. We will give them a go this weekend. Thanks again for your help. Have a great week.

Bob S



Just got the bats!

They look amazing.
Going to the cages tonight!


Received my bats yesterday. They are so gorgeous I don't want to use them! 
I'm going to greatly enjoy experimenting with these various weights and sizes.
Can't wait to demonstrate the Babe Ruth equivalent size bat to our HS kids! It's a great training bat 
but I'm hoping a few of the stronger kids will learn they can handle a much bigger bat. I suspect I'll be wanting a few more by X-mass. Thanks again, Tom

Bob, I received the bats today and they are Perfect. Feel great! Thanks so much. These are my Christmas gift to myself.
:)Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Bob, I received the bats and used them Tuesday night. Outstanding workmanship. You took my description of what I was looking
for and turned out bats exactly as I hoped. The ball jumps off the barrel. The weight distro on a 143 model has always been my favorite
but you can’t just go buy a 143 at a store or the normal online places. You are now my one and only bat provider moving forward.
You’ve now made bats for 3 of us on one of my teams, I’m guessing you’ll be hearing from other guys in the lineup soon.


I received the bats today. They are really nice.  They both feel great. Thinking I like the A10 a little more but I do like the handle on
the A71 so we'll see which has the most hits in it. Although I'm almost reluctant to use them they look so good. I really like the finish
on them. Impressive work.

Thanks again,


Mr Gray, Wanted to give you a shout out to say the 32/34 271 you recently made for me is the best bat I've ever owned.
Not sure if its the nature of the bat exactly, or my ever changing hitting philosophy, but its accompanied me to a way better batting average! 

Bob - Great job on the bats. I swung both of mine and swung my buddies.  Just what I wanted and he is going to love his. 
I like having the weight marked on the end of the barrel.  Really appreciate your quick turnaround as we’re winding our way down to
the important final games of the season.
Thanks again.  We’ll be in touch.

The bats are beautifully crafted. We took them out for a test drive and they are incredible. Yesterday I used mine in a game for
the first time and absolutely crushed the ball. The bat is so well balanced and comfortable to swing. Everyone on our team was
very interested in it. At least two of our teammates have said they intend to order from you. We're even considering a field trip
some day to your facility....a great excuse to get away for a guy's weekend. Thanks Again

Received the bat....wow....amazing feel and got to admit it looks cool. Will be using it Sunday.



Bob - I’d like to order a replica of the first Ash bat I ordered - 36 inch, 41 ounce. I’m not gettin any stronger so I can’t get a heavier one.
I love the bat and smash with it. I don’t know your hardening secret but keep using it. You’re making this old young man happy every time I hit.

I received the bats. They look really nice and feel great. Can't wait to use them in game! (hopefully our season will not get postponed
because of virus).


Bob, received birch billet.

“ Beautiful piece of wood.”

Thank you       Bob F.

These billets look GREAT!!
Thanks Bob!



Hi Bob,
Wanted to let you know I received my bats yesterday. Beautiful work! Given all the variables that go 
into the making of each bat this appears to be as much art as science. I noted the billet and overall
weights of each and have taken some dry cuts. I'm very pleased with the three original model bats I ordered
but the big surprise was the BR 271. I didn't expect you to bring it in at this weight given the Ruth barrel
size. This thing looks like the ultimate rocket launcher! Given the thinner handle I'm holding it out until
springtime but I suspect this might be my
model in the future. Will shall see. Thanks again for your artistry! Tom
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