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Wood Baseball Bats and Billets

Red Oak - Hickory - Maple - Ash


  Our pro stock wood baseball bats and billets are made from the finest hand split and vacuum dried hardwoods available.

  We offer many different models and can custom make bats per your specifications. If you have a favorite bat that you just broke, there is a good chance that if you can give us the model number and length, we can re-produce it. Or you can always just send in your broken bat to us for an exact match. Once we have your favorite bat style on CAD, you can re-order your exact bat anytime.

  We are currently offering bats and billets in red oak, hard maple, northern ash and hickory.
All bats are weighed, so you can request the bat weight that you prefer.
For those of you who prefer to turn your own bats, our billets are 37" long x 2-3/4" diameter.
Billets can also be pre-weighed to get a good approximation of what the final bat weight will be after turning.

   In addition to our premium pro stock bats and billets, we also offer a select grade, a blemish grade, an economy grade at reduced pricing. Youth bats are available in all grades. Blemish and economy grades
are great for trophy bats and craft projects.

Premium Pro Stock Bats
All models are available in Ash, Hickory, Hard Maple or Red Oak with your choice of finish.

Baseball Bats Ash A-100 Flamed
Model 100 - Shown in Ash with flamed and laquered barrel - raw handle

This end loaded bat has the largest legal diameter barrel available at (2.61”) at its widest point. It has a roughly 5 ” hitting surface before quickly transitioning down to a thin (15/16”) handle at its narrowest point. This bat is very top heavy, yet balanced, and is best suited for the experienced power hitter who likes to wrap their bottom finger around the knob which is only (1.8") diameter.


Model 101 - Shown in Hard Maple with stained and laquered barrel - RM stain - raw handle

Our model 101 bat has the exact same barrell as the model 100, but transitions down to a (1.037") handle at its narrowest point which makes it a little stronger and less likely to break if you get jammed. The handle tapers only slightly to the (1-15/16") diameter knob which gives it more of an aluminum bat handle feel. This bat is very top heavy, yet balanced, just like the model 100.



Baseball Bats Maple Raw M-A71
Model A71 - Shown in Hard Maple with raw handle and raw barrel

This very popular model is similar to the traditional Model 271.  It features a balanced feel with a medium thickness handle (15/16”) and average sized barrel (2 ½”).  The handle has a quick taper into a 2” knob that gives a good positive grip while also protecting the vulnerable hamate bone.  Ideal for all types of hitters especially contact hitters.  The gradual taper transition helps maintain strength in high stress areas to make this a great transition bat from metal to wood.



Baseball Bats Ash A-A10 with DW stain
Model A10 - Shown in Ash with stained and laquered barrel - DW stain - raw handle

Our model A10 is designed off of the popular model 110. This is one of the best transition bats from metal to wood. It is also a great bat for the seasoned hitter who is looking for balance and durability.  The slightly thicker 1” handle has a less gradual taper into the knob than the A71 as well as a ball round 2" knob that feels great.  The barrel is a medium length and (2 ½”) diameter with a good hitting surface area.


Other Finishes Choices as follows:


Maple with gloss black barrel - raw handle - gold label